Can cannabis help with ADHD?  A 2017 study discovered that cannabis extract significantly improvs hyperactivity and impulsivity. Improvements were also seen with regards to inattention, cognitive performance, and emotional lability. As a result, researchers concluded that ADHD could indeed represent a subgroup of individuals that gain cognitive enhancement and reduction of ADHD symptoms from using cannabinoids.

Although cannabis has shown a benefit for a variety of ailments, research has been limited due to the fact that it threatens a number of pharmaceutical interests. In places where it is legalized, big pharma and government is getting involved.

This is why we encourage and help those who are interested in growing their own cannabis. We help them to legally obtain their license to grow, as well as connect them with a compassionate doctor who is willing to write them the prescription they need.

When it comes to ADHD, it’s also important to know that ADHD is classified as a mental disorder, which is interesting because the definition of these types of disorders in particular have been shown to be heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. American psychologist Lisa Cosgrove and others investigated financial ties between the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) panel members and the pharmaceutical industry. They found that, of the 170 DSM panel members, 95 (56%) had one or more financial associations with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. One hundred percent of the members of the panels on ‘mood disorders’ and ‘schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders’ had financial ties to drug companies. The connections are especially strong in those diagnostic areas where drugs are the first line of treatment for mental disorders. In the next edition of the manual, it’s the same thing.

Cannabis is a huge threat, which is probably why it’s never been probably researched. In turn, that’s why people seem to be taking matters into their own hands.

We recently came across at story from Herb about a man named Tyler Hurst, who used CBD for is ADHD, which helped him Kick Adderall and get his life on track. It was the inspiration for this post, and you can read more about his story here.